Programme 2017

Superbrands Program 2017

Superbrands is a global program born in UK in 1994 and now operating in more than 90 countries around the world: it’s a communication platform aimed to celebrate the best brands in the market and has already worked with more than 15,000 leading brands through its various editorial and media activities.
Becoming a member of the “Superbrands Club” is depending on the independent judgement of the Superbrands Council, a qualified number of respected members of the business and marketing community in Malta that will follow the Superbrands model to evaluate the eligibility of brands.
Superbrands pays tribute to the strongest and most valuable brands active in the market providing a complete package of initiatives to support their reputation and image


Superbrands Seal

Each participating brand will be entitled to use the Superbrands Seal Malta 2017 for all of its communication and marketing, both local and international.

Superbrands Book

like all other countries where Superbrands is present, we will create (both graphic and writing) and publish with your approval 2 editorial pages devoted to case histories of your brand. Brands will be placed in alphabetical order. The publication is scheduled for March, and there will also be an eBook version.


Superbrands Club

The Superbrands managers will become part of a club specialising in Marketing and Communication. They will have meetings during the year in conjunction with talks from professionals dedicated to their subject area. Meetings with the Members of the Council will also be facilitated and encouraged.

Superbrands Council

is a council of Marketing Specialists (which will not be part of the Superbrands listed in the book), who will verify and influence with their marketing and communications experience in the area, the work of the Superbrands Team in Malta. Amongst them are: Morgan Parnis (Business Leaders Malta), Malcolm J. Naudi (Communications Consultant), Vanessa Bajada (Business Leaders), Diane Izzo (Dizz Group), Peter-Jan Grech (BRND WGN), Michael Grech (Gozo Business Chambers) and Anton Borg (Malta Chamber of Commerce). It will be their job to vote for the Superbrands and the Marketing Manager of the Year.


Superbrands Research

In collaboration with a major set of national and international researchers (Eg. Business Leaders Malta) market research will be carried out to understand the reasons why a brand becomes a Superbrand and to identify the recipient of the Superbrands Pop Award.

Superbrands Tribute Events

The Superbrands book, together with the awards, will be presented at a prestigious Maltese location in March. Entrance to this event will be reserved for members of the Superbrands Club only. During the evening they will receive the award. A report of the evening will also be issued in the local media.


Superbrands Awards

During the Superbrands Tribute Event, the Superbrands Awards for 2017 will be awarded to all the brands listed in the book. The “Superbrand of the Year” will also be awarded to the brand, nominated by the Council, for the best yearly performance; the “Marketing Manager of the Year” award will go to the manager who has been distinguished by the ability to make a brand a Superbrand; and the “Superbrands Pop Award” will go to the most popular brand on social media.

Superbrands Media Partners

We are developing partnerships with major media outlets to promote broad exposure of Superbrands in local newspapers, TV stations and the Internet news portals.