About Superbrands
Do I need to pay to be considered for the Superbrands status?


No. It is not possible to influence the assessment of a brand to achieve Superbrand status. This is decided by the votes of our expert council together with the independent study.

Can I sponsor the study?

aNo. It is not possible to influence the assessment of a brand to achieve Superbrand status by sponsoring the study or otherwise

How long does the Superbrand status last?

aIn Malta, once you have achieved Superbrand status, it is valid for one year.

Is there a fee involved, for us as a Superbrand, to obtain access to the study?

aNo, it is not.

Is there a fee for using the Superbrands Seal?

aSuperbrands are entitled to use the Superbrands Seal in those national markets where the study was conducted and where the status was achieved. Companies that participate in the Superbrands Special Edition, can benefit from the free usage of the Seal.

How may we as appointed company or organization exploit the Superbrands program?

aAs a Superbrand you have a unique opportunity to exploit the benefits with all that implies the Superbrand status. In addition to using the Superbrands Seal in the marketing and take part of the study, you have the opportunity to have your brand appear in the yearbook. The Superbrands book tells the brand story in case study form by Superbrands. We also present the individual or individuals who are responsible for the brand (Brand Guardians) in the book.

What is involved in the Superbrand status?

aEach national market where Superbrands is represented conducts a study (every other year B2B, the next consumer brands). The study is a combination of a quantitative and a qualitative approach. The quantitative study is conducted by a marketing research agency (in Sweden by MARC Research) and an independent Brand Council (selected experts from the world of business and advertising). The 300 brands that obtain the highest ranking in the study achieve Superbrand status in that national market and during the period of validity.

What is the Superbrands Awards?

aThe Superbrands Awards is the ceremony where Superbrands reveal which brand was ranked the country´s strongest and also where the Superbrands Yearbook is officially launched. The ceremony is attended by representatives of the strongest brands, marketing and advertising people, business schools and colleges, the press and others that have an active interest in branding issues.

How long has Superbrands existed?

aSuperbrands was founded in 1994, and has been established in more than 98 countries since 1999.

How come a significant brand is not awarded?

aThis could be because it didn’t make the cut in the last round of voting or it could be missing from the master list of brands considered by the voters. To ensure your favorite brand is on the master list please send us the brand name and we’ll make sure it’s included in the next round of voting.