How to be Superbrands

Superbrands Keys

Superbrands pays tribute to the strongest and most valuable brands active in the different countries providing a complete package of initiatives to support their reputation and image.

Being elected Superbrands depends on the judgement of the Superbrands Council (independent arbiter) based on the research model established by Superbrands during the years and tested on hundreds of top international and local brands. The model is based on 3 “super drivers” ( INNOVATION, AUTHENTICITY, RESPONSIBILITY ) and 5 S-factors : leadership, trust, dialogue, societing and dynamism

The combination of S-factors and super drivers guide to the eligibility to Superbrands and the final filter to be invited by the Council to become a member of the “Superbrands Club” (by invitation only) is based on the three questions.


Does the brand hold a significant relevance in the market in terms of share, voice, perception?


Is the brand perceived favorably by consumers/customers/stakeholders?


Is the brand able to provide an high level of satisfaction?