Superbrands has launched programmes in all the key global markets.

Superbrands Malta is part of a global business operating in over 90 countries worldwide.

The Seal

Each participating brand shall be entitled to use the Superbrands Seal Malta 2017 for all of the communication & marketing efforts, both at local level and globally.

The Book

The prestigious Superbrands volume is the “bible of brands” everywhere in the world.

The Tribute Event

Superbrands will celebrate the participating brands with an exclusive and glamourous event held in a prestigious Maltese location.

The Superbrands organization was formed in the mid nineties in the UK, with the aim of promoting the discipline of branding. To achieve this aim it was decided by the founder that the best means of promoting branding was to actually illustrate with examples those brands that have achieved success, how they have done so and the contribution that the brand plays and has played within the overall business. This information is disseminated through a high quality publication, which is now produced in over 90 countries throughout the world. Superbrands Malta is a part of the Superbrands organization which is acclaimed worldwide as being an independent authority and arbiter of branding excellence and is committed to paying tribute to exceptional brands and promoting the discipline of branding. The work we do at Superbrands is recognized through our books, Events and Awards programmes, internet sites, and through significant international media and PR coverage in newspapers, magazines and electronic media. Participation in the Superbrands program is by invitation and this status is available only to the highest performing brands, which are recognized only after there has been a rigorous analysis.


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Country Head
Barbara Picollo
Editor &Promoter
Sergio Tonfi
Project Design
Paolo Cagliero
Press Office
Malcolm Naudi

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